What is it that has allowed humans to have such a profound influence on the environment?



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    The ability to use the Earth’s natural resources for human gains, especially with relation to so called advances that have occurred since the Industrial Revolution, have resulted in humans’ profound influence on the environment. We now have the ability to drastically change and influence natural cycles that have been responsible for the earth’s development over millions of years. Most notably, our ability to create energy from burning sources of fossil fuels has resulted in unprecedented changes to the concentrations of gases in the atmosphere.

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    We’ve had such a profound affect because unlike any other challenge or animal the Earth has faced had no where near the ability to control the things that surround them. Our mastery of other animals, through their domestication takes up a lot of room and creates unnatural populations of animals that would never be found without us. These herds have many negative affects including land use, methane production, and the abuse of other animals, and plants that need the land and its local ecosystem. Our attempt to master the chemical and elemental world has also been very detrimental. Things that would never exist in nature we create now on a daily basis. All these different things that no one, including the Earth, is really used to create serious problems. These things and others contribute largely to our pollution which is another reason we are so adept at destroying the planet.
    Though the simple answer to what has allowed us to have such a profound impact on our environment is the evolution of brains. We, as a species, are the smartest things that have roamed the Earth, this knowledge has helped us to make our surroundings fit us unlike other plants and animals who must make themselves fit their surroundings. Which by its very nature means we will be much more influential on what surrounds us.

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