what is intra ethnic marriage



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    Intra-ethnic marriages are marriages that involve two people of the same ethnicity (in otherwords, an Asian man marrying an Asian woman or a Caucaisian man marrying a Caucasian woman).  This term is usually used in contrast with ‘inter-ethnic’ or ‘interracial’ marriages, or marriages involving people of two different ethnicities (such as an Asian man marrying a Caucasian woman).  There is little concensus among scientists as to whether intra-ethnic or inter-ethnic marriages (and the genetic variations that result) are more advantageous to evolution.  While some argue that interracial marriage interferes with the years of evolution that have made certain humans specifically adapted for certain environments, others maintain that the genetic diversity created is advantageous as it decreases the risk of certain genetic disorders which often result from a too small gene pool.

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