What interesting animals are found in Iceland?



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    The only terrestrial animal native to Iceland is the Arctic Fox. All the others were introduced by human settlers. Unlike rainforests, the harsh climate and remote location make it difficult for the island to support lots of species. However, the island is home to a diverse mix of marine mammals, birds and fish species, such as the Grey Whale and Bowhead. 

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    The Icelandic Horse was brought over by Viking settlers in the early -800’s. It is the only breed of horse in Iceland and is considered pretty rare because it has stayed pure to the island. The Icelandic horse has nevr been bred with any other horse and is one of the only species that can survive solely on grass.

    The Icelandic Sheep was also brought over by Viking settlers. The sheep has very thick fur and large horns. These sheep mate only once a year and maintain a steady diest of grass, salt, and just about anything else they can find that they consider pleasing.

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    Iceland has some interesting like a iceland horse and puffins. Puffin is a typical seabird that is cover in black and while with a large orange beak that breed in large colonies on cliffs. Iceland horses aka iceland ponies are really big and strong. They are very robust that they can stay on the fields during wintertime.

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    Iceland is a fantastic place for birding. I went in May 2008 and there were over 100 species migrating through (there are over 350 bird species that migrate through). Iceland is a great place to see the Puffin, Gyrfalcon, auks, white-tailed eagle, Arctic Turn, Common Eider, and countless others.


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