What inspired you to live green or become more green?



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    Good question! i would say both. I’m inspired to live green while at the same time having the knowledge on becoming green. Although, i would need to learn how to live green first before becoming green. Right now I’m doing whatever i can do decrease my unethical non green decisions. In doing so, i’m riding a bike, recycling, upcycing, buying organic food and buying more green products (makeup, cleaning products, green reusable bags). Hope this helps! How about you? What do you prefer?

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    For me, it was a lot of things. My family always cared about the environment and went on lots of camping trips. I loved animals since I was little and had many more stuffed animals than I had of any other toy. I also spent a lot of time with Girl Scouts. One of my favorite places in the whole world is Camp Rocky Point on Lake Texoma.

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