What industrialized country is feeling the worst effects of global warming?



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    Firstly, let’s look at the most direct effect – a change in temperature. Based on NASA’s world temperature change map, it looks like most of Europe got the same increase (especially Central European countries such as Germany and its neighbors), which is much higher than the increase in North American, East Asian, and Oceanian industrialized nations.

    However, there are many other effects that are linked to global warming, such as increase in frequency and intensity of extreme weather, changes in precipitation patterns, melting ice and rising sea level, and so on.

    It’s hard to point out a single nation, but I’d say Netherlands would be a good choice. Not only are they in that hot Central European area, but much of the country is below sea level. The country has a long history of dealing with and protecting against floods and is currently building up according to a massive 200-year plan of counteracting rising seas.




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