What is ‘industrial agriculture’?



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    Industrial agriculture is a modern method of farming that involves the mass production of animals and crops, in order to maximize product yield and profit. Industrial agriculture methods often involve genetic engineering in both plants and animals, innovative technologies to increase rates of production, and patent protection on these types of machinary. Industries most affected by industrial agriculture include meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables.

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    Industrial agriculture is a method of farming that involves growing one crop (or monoculture) on a large plot of land. Because only one type of crop is grown in the same soil season after season, large doses of chemical fertilizer are applied to the crop to make up for nutrient loss. Large amounts of pesticides are also sprayed because growing just one crop on a large plot of land attracts insects. Industrial agriculture relies on machinery to plant and harvest crops, which means less human labor and a heavier impact on the environment.

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    It’s easiest to explain what Industrial Agriculture is not: look at farming in sub-Saharan Africa with its frequent famines and crop failures. The vast preponderance of food consumed by humans on this planet comes from the alternative practice of being highly efficient, using as little land and resources as possible, and sharing the bounty of the harvest worldwide. 

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