What is an incubator bird?



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    The Megapode or “incubator bird” of Australia is unique among birds. This three to four pound bird resembles a chicken or a small turkey. Some native Australians call it the brush turkey. All birds use body heat to incubate their eggs except the incubator bird.
    Instead, they pile up great heaps of debris which serve as incubators; the warmth of the fermenting compost provides the heat. Some incubator birds use the heat produced by volcanic action.

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    An incubator bird is a 3-4 pound bird native to Australia that rather than incubate it’s eggs by sitting on them, builds up a pile of debris, essentially a compost pile, to keep the eggs warm. It is the only bird known to use this method of keeping eggs warm. It is used by creationists to try to point out that because it is unique and specialized in that it can build the pile correctly and maintain the correct temperature, it could not have evolved from any other creature.

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