What impact does gardening native vs. non-native plants have on sustainability?



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    Gardening with native plants creates habitats for native species of animals.  They might use less water and need less care, having evolved in that particular climate. 

    Exotic plants, on the other hand, may become invasive or carry with them invasive species of insects.  They may also require more attention.

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    Along with being low maintenance, native plants in your garden have many other advantages. In terms of the environment, native plants use far less, if any, pesticides and other synthetic fertilizers that would usually end up in our water bodies through runoff. One of the biggest advantages is the conservation of water. Native species require far less water and in turn will also save you money.

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    Generally, plants that are native to region are better adapted to that region than any other plant and have evolved with other flora and fauna of the region so their populations are often kept in balance.This translates as others have noted above into less need for watering or other ammendments. Less water and soil ammendments means less energy consumption.

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