What is an igneous rock?



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    It’s one of the three rock types, Igneous is the type of rock that forms from magma, and such. The magma would cool and become an igneous rock. There are almost 700 types of igneous rocks, and they are formed in an increase in temperature, a decrease in pressure, or a change in composition.

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    Igneous rocks start as hot, fluid material (possibility lava or magma). They form in three main places: where lithospheric plates pull apart in mid-ocean ridges, where plates come together at subduction zones and where continental crust is pushed together, making it thicker and allowing it to heat to melting. There are three textures of igneous rock; aphanatic, phaneritic, and equigranular. The most well-known types of igneous rock are basalt and granite (geology about.com, 2011).

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    Igneous rocks are rocks that formed from hot and fluid material such as lava. Igneous rocks may have formed as lava at the earth’s surface or as magma in shallow or deep depths under the earth’s surface. Igneous rocks formed from lava at the earth’s surface arereferred to as extrusive rocks. Igneous rocks formed from shallow magma are called intrusive rocks and igneous rocks formed from deep magma are called plutonic.

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