What is the idea of ‘green washing’?



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    Greenwashing is a funny new phenomenon.  It’s basically when a socially irresponsible organization tries to rectify their terrible public image by marketing themselves as “green.”  Greenpeace set up this website to help combat companies who try to represent themselves as environmentally friendly, when they’re everything but.

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    Painting an image of being “green” is a marketing ploy. Given today’s economic and environmental climate, businesses are being creative and capitalizing on all things “sustainable”. There is a huge niche market out there comprised of people wanting to choose the “right” thing. Appealing to the consumer’s ethical conscience is an effective way to drum up the green-the hard back green, that is. Meanwhile, people feel they are making smart choices and are willing to spend a bit more toward that effort.

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    Part of the problem is that there really aren’t (m)any laws saying what standards your company has to stick to before it can call its products “green.” Basically anyone can draw a leaf on a bottle, slap “bright green” onto the name of their product, and fool millions of consumers. GreenLeap, an online group of businesses dedicated to sustainability, has some strategies for fighting greenwashing on its website. 

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