What is the idea of gravity power?



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    The idea of gravity power is, at risk of stating the obvious, the attempt to harness the energy of the force of gravity exerted upon the earth as a means of power. It is an attempt to harness the force created when things move against a resistance, such as the up and down motions of a device in water. It is an infinitely renewable resource.


    That being said, however, arguments against its usefulness can be had. In the grand scheme of things, gravity is a fairly weak force. Sure, it’s what keeps the planets in orbit around the sun and the pieces of the universe from colliding into each other, but one has to realize the scope of things. Our planet and the force of gravity it exerts is smaller than a grain of sand on a beach when compared to the massive gravitational interactions of the cosmos. It’s a scale issue.

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    Currently, the most practical way known to harness the power of gravity is to take advantage of tides and rivers. Although there is some talk of generating energy from gravity withou an intermediate medium such as water, practical application of that technology is a long way in the future. Unfortunately, dams and underwater turbines present their own set of problems. They can cause hazards to fish and other aquatic life.

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