What is the idea of global cooling?



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    This is the controversial theory that the earth is actually cooling down, possibly as a result of decreased sun-spot activity, rather than heating up due to greenhouse gas emissions. It is a widely-debated theory; some claim it’s rooted in scientific evidence, and others claim it’s a political ploy to debunk the global warming scare. If you were to search the internet for info on the “global cooling theory,” you would find much debate from both sides in the archives of not only obscure blogs, but also popular news sources like the BBC. I suppose the best way to determine whether the world is getting hotter or colder is to look into scientific data from both angles, consider the sources that produce such data (are they funded by big corporations, universities, the US government, political lobbyists, etc.), and also step outside as often as you can – do you notice a difference in temperature over time in your own environment?

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    There is just zero evidence for any kind of “global cooling” happening right now. It’s another PR scam by Big Oil to distract people from global warming so they can keep profiting from it for a bit longer.

    Satellites the world over have been showing WARMING trends, not cooling, for decades now. The “skeptics” will tell you that at SOME stations have cooling. But they are a few very small areas in an angry sea of warming red, as is really clear in this temperature data from NASA:

    The other argument is that there was a “global cooling theory” in the 1970s, and that this somehow shows scientists are always changing their minds and don’t really know what they’re talking about. But there was never any “theory,” just a handful of scientists saying we MIGHT get a new ice age soon. It was idle speculation, completely unlike the global warming consensus today where strong action is urged by practically the entire scientific community. 

    There is no global cooling.

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