What is the idea of cooperative brewing and community supported beer?



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    Community and craft brewing is part of the localization and community supported agriculture movement where people want to grow and produce their food locally. This usually means better quality and more unique products, such as with home or microbrewed beer. A vibrant local home brew scene can add to the local economy in the form of brew shops and social events and competitions. 

    Though really, it is just a fun way to get together with your friends to brew, talk about, and drink beer. I have friends that home brew, and it is a really interesting science and art to watch.

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    While home brewing can involve the community support of other local home brewers, the idea of Community Supported Brewery goes beyond that.  The concept is similar to that of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), in which members buy a share in the farm’s production year, and in return are provided with a regular delivery of vegetables, meat, cheese, or eggs from the farm.  This model enables the farmer to receive a significant influx in capital at the beginning of the growing season, instead of only by selling products at the end of the season. 

    Transferring this idea to beer brewing is beginning in the same area of the country which gave rise to the CSA concept in 1992:  Madison, WI.  Page Buchanon is preparing to open the first CSB there, which will deliver 12 bottles of beer per month for a full member subscription of $360.  In addition, members will be invited to attend two educational events per year and an appreciation dinner.  Buchanon also has said that he hopes for member input into types and styles of beer to be produced. 

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