What is the idea of biodiversity?



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    Biodiversity is the diversity of species of all life forms that inhabit the planet. Each time we permanently lose a species of plant, animal, fungi, etc., we lose whatever unique properties that were associated with that species.  Each species lost represents a group of specific biological properties which can never be recovered.  This can be potentially disastrous in a number of ways.

    For example, a species of tree frog could become extinct which potentially contained the cure for cancer.  These biological properties, presumably, could not be recreated and the unique benefits from the frog are now lost forever.

    Furthermore, some scientists argue that biodiversity functions like a net.  Each time a species is lost, a strand from that net goes missing which makes the entire net weaker.  Certain unique species, upon which many other species (and thus an entire ecosystem) depend are referred to as “keystone species.”  Losing keystone species dangerously weakens the net of biodiversity.  The nightmare impact scenario associated with loss of keystone species (biodiversity) is global extinction from the domino effect of species loss.


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