What is the idea behind the Lexus Eco Challenge?



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    The Lexus Eco Challenge is a competition designed for students in grades 6-12 with a focus on environmental issues. There are three different steps of the competition: Land/Water, Air/Climate and the Final Challenge.

    In the Land/Water portion, students are challenged to take an issue like landfills, waste management, endangered species, deforestation etc. that affects their communities. The idea is for students to come up with ways these issues can be improved and put them into action in their community.

    The Air/Climate category is the same idea, only directed towards climate change, fossil fuels, ozone depletion etc. 

    The teams that make it through the first two rounds will be presented with the final challenge. 

    The winners of the first and second challenges will receive $10,000 for their schools and the Final winner will receive $15,000. 

    The challenge is intended to spark interest in younger generations and create awareness of environmental issues. Hopefully these kids can be a huge influence on a future cleaner environment! 


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    It’s a competive philanthropic project, sponsored by Lexus and Scolastic, encouraging teens to develop local action plans for environmental issues.

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