What is a hydrodynamic screw?



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    A hydrodynamic screw is a reverse application of the ancient archimedean water screw.  Instead of being used to harvest water, the hydrodynamic screw is used to harvest energy, much as a water turbine would be used.  The screw works by extracting the potential energy at a higher level of the water table and allowing it to flow to the lower level of the same water table.  Hydrodynamic screws are environmentally friendly power sources because they are low cost, minimally disturb aquatic life and are long lasting with low maintenance costs.

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    Hydrodynamic screws work by making use of the energy of moving, flowing, or falling water to spin and rotate the screw. The giant screw is linked to a power generator which harnesses this energy. it works very similarly to turbines and water wheels that can also be found in dams or along water ways.

    There are many videos on youtube that will give you an idea of what the process looks like.

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    There are a number of applicants and advantages with the hydrodynamic screw.

    The applications are: 

    * Replacement for small turbine units which require reconditioning.
    * Replacement for defective water-wheels.
    * Clean water outlet of sewage treatment plants.
    * Residual water screw for installation into existing channel or weir.
    * Production of low-level hydrodynamic power in former irrigation weirs.

    The Advantages of the Hydrodynamic screw over turbines and waterwheels are:

    * No control system – the screw matches itself automatically to the supply frequency and the water supply.
    * The efficiency is greater than with comparable waterwheels and small turbines.
    * Flat stable efficiency gradient.
    * Robust, long wearing, trouble free.
    * No cleaning, little maintenance.
    * No fine screens necessary
    * Very friendly to fish
    * Little underground digging required in comparison to turbines.

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