What is the Hydra vehicle?



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    The Hydra vehicle is the world’s first amphibious sports car. It has the same engine has a Chevy Corvette, its convertible, and it can pull a water ski. The Hydra has a special foam to make it buoyant and float across the water. The car is made out of aluminum and fiber-glass so it will not rust as you beat traffic by driving under a bridge. The only thing you need to do to switch from car to boat mode and vice-versa is flip a switch.

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    Hydra cars are luxury cars, and an amphibious car. A car that doubles as a boat essentially. The model shown in the picture below is the Hydra Spyder. It retails for $155,000. Practical, yes, affordable…no. In the future, the market for a toned-down, more affordable car like this could be huge.Hydra Spyder


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