What is human ecology?



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    The simplest definition I found (there are many) is this from The Free Dictionary which states human ecology as “The branch of ecology that considers the relations of individual persons and of human communities with their particular environment.”  But this can seem an oversimplification, as happens with broad subjects.  Studies of human ecology can deal with how humans affect their environment or how their environment affects them, emotionally, physically, etc.  A very comprehensive detailing of human ecology can be found in both links below.

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    Human ecology describes the relationship between humans and nature. One of the main principles in human ecology is that humans are part of ecosystems; thus, they affect and are affected by their environment. Human ecologists recognize the impact people have on their environment and promote the idea that humans are a natural part of a natural ecosystem. Human ecology attempts to describe the degree of influence one’s environment has on their behavior.

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    While the answers by kristennoelle and chelseaschuyler are correct, you might also see “Human Ecology” used interchangeably with “Home Economics”.  According to Cornell University’s Division of Rare & Manuscript Collections, the social changes of the 1960s prompted Cornell to rename its “College of Home Economics” to the “College of Human Ecology” because of the gender stereotypes implied by the term “home economics” (http://greenanswers.com/q/197011/ideas-philosophies/ideas/what-human-ecology, Accessed 14 March 2011). 

    You will therefore find many universities with departments named “human ecology” that focus on a range of areas pertinent to the human quality of life, including topics that would traditionally fall under “home economics”.  For instance, in Cornell’s College of Human Ecology, one can study apparel design, nutrition, design, and “biology and society”. Other examples include Delaware State, Syracuse, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

    Alternatively, some universities have indeed embraced the environmentalist perspective of Human Ecology.  Rutgers, for example, has a Department of Human Ecology in which students focus on climate, energy, nature, and other environmental topics as they relate to human life.

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