What is the human cost of the BP oil spill?



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    This is very difficult to quantify.  Think about the different groups affected: Those who live on the Gulf Coast depend on the water for their livelihood.  People along the East Coast of the United States import the seafood from there.  Hotels and other tourism-related industries depend on people to visit.  People won’t visit because of the spill … and it goes on and on …

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    Also, it is important to mention that eleven workers on the Deepwater Horizon rig died in the initial explosion of the well. Many of the widows of the workers receive little retributions for their husbands deaths. 

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    This is very hard to quantify, but it is likely that hundreds of acres of wetlands will be destroyed because of the spill.  This makes it very hard for fishing/seafood businesses to stay above the red.  This affects countless families and their wellbeing.  

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    Above oll the after myths are going to effect far bad  in terms of human loss…as the oil spill effect is going to prolong for a long time…

    But the Question arise is about the punishment to the culprits….i don’t consider its a minor human error… where is the justise????????

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    In addition to the more obvious economic effects the oil has on surrounding human communities, there’s also the cost of adequate health care in the face of a hugely hazardous ecological nightmare.

    For many people in rural communities off of the Gulf Coast, and for the poorer inhabitants of metropolitan Gulf cities, proper care for a situation as unexpected as the oil spill is far out of the range of most home budgets and low-tier insurance policies (many of which do not cover side effects of “environmentally sustained trauma”). And since thousands of residents and volunteers have been daily exposed to “certain toxic characteristics of crude oil”, the sheer out of pocket cost in dealing with the poisonings, respiratory disorders, and more serious illnesses is incalculable.

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