What is the hottest green chili?



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    “Peppers contain an ingredient called ‘capsaicin’. It is an organic nitrogen lipid and it is this ingredient that gives peppers their ‘heat’.” The ingredient Capsaicin is measured in what is called Scoville units. A Scoville unit is the number of parts of sugar water needed to neutralize the chili pepper’s heat or dilute the heat to the point where it is not detected.

    The pepper with the highest Scoville unit rating is the Red Savina Habanero. It has a Scoville rating of 350,000 – 577,000 units. It’s quite difficult to point out the hottest green chili pepper since most of them start off as green but turn red over time, even orange. Perhaps the hottest green chili pepper is the Green Jalapeno Pepper, at its green state, its Scoville rating is 2,500 to 8,000 units.

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    It is important to note that many peppers start out green in color and then change to red as they grow and are picked. The hottest green chili pepper is the naga morich. It starts out green and changes to red in color. It has an average a heat of around 800,000 to 900,000 SHU, scoville heat units. In relation to the current world’s hottest pepper, Bhut Jolokia, it ranks third.

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