What is Hot Rock Energy?



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    I had never heard of it into I looked into your question, Hensley. But it looks like it’s just an edgy way of saying Geothermal energy. Here’s a good explanation of how it works:

    “The concept is simple really. Pump water down into the Earth’s core, so it can be super heated by contact with those hot rocks, returning to the surface as steam, which in turn drive turbines to create energy.”

    But you’ve probably already heard of that!

    Why not heat our homes directly (not making energy this way) instead of taking the heat – turning the energy in it into usable electric – then using the electricity to run electric heaters at home? It seems like sort of an unnecessary step in the way to me! —just imagine if you had a hole in your basement floor that went down a few thousand feet— you turn the valve and all of a sudden all that hot air rises….

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