What is a hornwort?



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    There are various species of hornwort, so I will give you information on the most common type of it. The common hornwort is an aquatic plant that is native throughout North America and Eurasia. It has no roots, lives completely underwater, and the living portion of its stem can grow anywhere from 8 to 12 inches long.

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    Hornworts are a really unique species of plant that have raised a lot of questions for evolutionary biologists, as they don’t seem to fit into the fossil record in a logical manner. The plant gets its name from the long, thin sporophytes that are found at the head of the plant. Unlike other similar plants, the sporophytes of the Hornwort grow continuously throughout the life of the plant, finally splitting in half to release the spores that are used as a means of reproduction. These spores germinate and produce greasy turquoise plants that are oddly-shaped in comparison to other similar species. The Hortwort is a water plant and is found most often in damp ecosystems.

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