What is the Hopenhagen Ambassador Contest?



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    In honor and support of the Copenhagen climate talks starting next week, the “Hopenhagen” movement sprang up in an effort to express to all the world’s leaders the hopes for greener world. The “Hopenhagen Ambassador” appears to be two different things, however. The first is an elected ceremonial position, and the voters are people all over the world. The deadline is tomorrow, and to register your vote, visit http://www.hopenhagen.org. It appears that the candidates are simply write-in, with no established slate from which to choose. The second Ambassador campaign is being run by the Huffington Post, with the winner being selected from citizen journalists. The Post will send the winning ambassador to Copenhagen for a week, including airfare, accommodations, press credentials, media training, and a flip camera. It’s not clear which campaign came first, but obviously the second one is something more concrete.

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