What hope for and progress towards relief is currently being made in the free world regarding the brutal disposition of mercury & CO2 into the atmosphere by coal burners?



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    Coal sequestration has made a massive improvement when acid rain became an issue about a decade ago. Also there are rumors of a “clean coal” that takes the coal and cleans it of all imperfections like CO2 and then, puts it somewhere. Like pumping it underwater or deep well injection like we do with our current toxic waste.

    However the best thing to do is to not use coal at all. Some believe that there is no such thing as a “clean” way of burning it. No matter what, you are using coal and a major byproduct is carbon which in bad for everyone no matter where it is.

    The United States is slowly promoting nuclear. Nuclear has become the meal ticket for many and is the best alternative we have at the moment. It’s quick and efficient however a new nuclear facility hasn’t been built since the Three Mile Island Incident, only additions to current facilities.

    What we have to look forward to, to rid ourselves of all the environmental damage coal has done is use an alternative energy source, like nuclear and renewable, and also things like energy conservation, better technology to improve efficiency, and most of all, lifestyle changes from the public as a whole to simply use less.

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    Note that 85% of uranium used for US nuclear power is imported.

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