what is the honest injun way to get rid of awfullllll mosquitoes that swarm in home door and even car doors no matter how fast you try to open and close them back……?



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    I’m not sure what you mean by honest injun, but DEET I think is the undisputed champion of mosquito repellant, but it will only keep mosquitoes away from where you spray it, your skin mainly.  Spraying it all over your car or your door may not be practical.  DEET is not DDT, a common misconception that has caused a lot of fear about DEET, but DEET does still feel gross and I hate having chemicals on my skin no matter how “safe” they are.  There are many “natural” mosquito deterrents, but they don’t work well or for very long, ultrasonic devices and light zappers are also ineffective.

    As far as getting rid of them in your general area, the best way I’ve found is hanging around a fire, but that also may only work if you are camping.  If you live in mosquito infested area, the only thing to do is get rid of any standing water nearby, as this is where they lay there eggs and breed.  In many cases, say living near a lake or river, that is not an option.  Which leaves you with the only tried and true option – moving.

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    You need to be careful what you spray DEET on, it will melt some plastics! I’ve had it melt the ear pieces of my sunglasses. It’s not a great solution in the summer, but long sleeves could help. Incense might help too.

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    Find the source! It’s usually standing water (be creative in your search…look far and wide–ask your neighbors to look too–and look for forgotten buckets, containers, or anything whatsoever where a bit of water has collected, perhaps unbeknownst to you). Once you find it, add a puck of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) — “a naturally occurring bacterial disease of insects. These bacteria are the active ingredient in some insecticides.” Be sure to remove the old and add a new one regularly. This works!

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