What is Hogan’s Holometer?



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    Hogan’s Holometer, named after a 17th century surveying tool, is the name of a device currently being developed by particle astrophysicist Craig Hogan. The purpose of the holometer is to determine whether or not the third dimension we experience is an illusion — a hologram projection of time mixed with depth — a possibility that arises from the physics of black holes. Put simply, the device will measure extremely precise vibrations in spacetime in an attempt to prove that there is a “blurriness” to it.

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    The Holometer is an ultra-precise clock that Hogan intends to use to examine spacetime with in order to determine if our perception of reality is really an illusion, or hologram.  He hypothesizes that spacetime may not be completely smooth, as previously though, but have finite pixels.  When examined very closely, the pixels would appear something like those of a digital photo – super pixilated when zoomed in. 

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