What is the historical significance of Israel’s Cave of Letters?



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    The cave of letters was a refuge for the jewish peoples during their second revolt against the Romans in 132 AD. This is one of the few places where Isreali antiquities can be found. Much of Isreali history has been destroyed this way. In addition there have been expeditions in the area led by the Bedouins which resulted in the sale of Isreali antiquities to the Jordanian government. Recent expeditions have sought to determine the origin of the items sold to the Jordanians and determine whether they should be returned to Isreal.

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         The Cave of Letters contained 70 documents in Hebrew, Aramaic, Nabatean and Greek. The documents included letters from the legendary Shimon Bar-Khokba, leader of the second revolt. Also among the documents were the personal archive of a young widow named Babetha. These documents provide information about what life was like for ordinary people at that time.

         The Cave of Letters was the subject of a 2004 Nova documentary.

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