What is the highest paying green job you can think of?



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    Probably the highest possible pay would be that of a venture capitalist/investor. Essentially, what a venture capitalist does is fund a project they think will do well. For instance: Person A has a green product that will, say, revolutionize the way we make our compost piles, but they have no money to implement it. What you would do would be to finance them, and then reap the profits; this is, however, very touch and go. If the product doesn’t make it big, you might be in the hole. Think of it like horse racing: Sure, you might win big, but chances are it won’t be the first time, or even the second.

    Some other high paying, more stable jobs would include CEO or VP of a green company, environmental managers, or even a position in environmental politics. These would pay from around $170,000 to $50,000 a year.

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