What is the heaviest mineral that we know of?



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    Uranium is not a mineral, and it does not occur naturally as pure uranium. It is not even the densest element – that honor goes to osmium at 22.57 g/cc or indium at just about the same. Native platinum does occur as a natural mineral – if pure, it’s specific gravity would be 21.45 compared to native gold at 19.3. In nature neither native platinum nor native gold is usually pure and both commonly have specific gravities around 17.

    There are some extremely rare natural alloys that are minerals, such as Chengdeite (Iron-Iridium) whose densities are comparable to the impure native platinum and gold found in nature.

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    I agree with “rigibson” that Osmium (Os) is the heaviest element, in terms of density, at 22.61 grams/cm cubed.

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