what is the heaviest breed of dog?



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    The English Mastiff is generally considered the heaviest – and one of the largest – breed of dog.  The heaviest measured was named Zorba and he weighed 343 pounds.  A Saint Bernard named Benedictine was weighed at 357 pounds, the heaviest dog ever.  Saint Bernards can be up to 200 pounds and the English Mastiffs can be even a bit more than that.



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    The Old English Mastiff is the heaviest breed of dog.  With males sometimes weighing in at over 200 pounds you had better stay on their good side.  They are instinctively guard dogs so if you are their friend you can rest assured they’ve got your back.  

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    The English Mastiff is a breed of dog descended from the ancient Alaunt through the Pugnaces Britanniae. They have a massive body, broad skull, and the head is square shaped appearance. The standard weight for females according to the AKC is 120-200 pounds while for males it is 150-250 pounds. The greatest weight ever recorded by any dog was from a Mastiff named Zobra, who weighed in at over 343 pounds.



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