What is a healthy weight for someone that is 6′ tall?



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    The ideal weight of a man 6 feet tall is 178 pounds.  I used a weight calculator found here.

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    According to this calculator, a 6’0 male should weigh in the range of 140 – 184 pounds. Men view a target of 162 pounds as the ideal weight.

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    I like the range ajbry gives more than I like the first answer. Your ideal weight greatly depends on your age, body type, and just how healthy you are. Technically, I’m a little underweight and am in like the 15th percentile of people my height and weight, but every time I go to the doctor’s office they say it’s nothing to worry about, that I’m completely healthy. But, as I just said, it greatly depends on a variety of factors which a doctor can better assess.

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    For a 25-59 year old 6’0″ male with a small frame, the ideal weight is 149-160 lbs. For a medium frame, it is 157-170. For a large frame, it is 164-188.

    For a 25-59 year old 6’0″ female with a small frame, it is 138-151; medium frame, 148-162; large frame, 158-178.

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    I don’t know your ethnicity, but if it’s relevant, take into consideration that African Americans actually have denser, and therefore heavier bones than Caucasians, Asians, and Hispanics, throwing off the estimated height-weight calculation.

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