What is the healthiest way to cook your food?



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    Your best bet for healthy cooking would probably be steaming or baking food. The reason for this is because methods like frying involve fat being soaked up by the food, and grilling involves a certain level of carbon carcinogens, although miniscule, to be cooked into the food itself. However, in many cases, it is better not to cook vegetables at all, especially not to boil them, as this will destroy the cell membrane (this is why cooked vegetables become soft), releasing their water soluble vitamins into the water.

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    Cooking healthy means eating healthy; eat fresh food instead of processed food.  The way you cook is not as important as what you cook.  That said, boiling vegetables supposedly leeches vitamins out of the vegetables and into the water, which is then drained.  Steam them instead to retain the vitamins. 

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    Also, eating fruits and vegetables raw as much as possible will prove to be healthier as you are not losing any nutrients or important enzymes. The raw diet has been gaining popularity and implies that at 75% of a meal is uncooked and the foods being consumed are unprocessed and preferably organic. 

    Followers of a raw diet cite numerous health benefits, including:

    • increased energy levels
    • improved appearance of skin
    • improved digestion
    • weight loss
    • reduced risk of heart disease
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