What is the healthiest type of meat?



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    Generally grass fed ruminant, such as beef, bison or lamb.

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    Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna or mackeral provide essential Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, protein and calcium all in a low fat package. Eating it once or twice a week is ideal and will provide nourishing nutrients into your diet. Wild versus farmed it preferred because farmed fish has lower levels of the omega 3 fatty acids as well as high levels of pesticides and antibiotics.

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    The healthiest types of meats are those that contain minimum amounts of fat(animal fat is a saturated fat-the one you should avoid). Chicken breast has excellent protein to fat ratio. Also lean beef  is a great choice. Avoid fatty meats, for instance bacon. Also the healthiest type of meat is the organic meat and the meat that comes from grass-fed animals.

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