What have the New Orleans Saints done to help rebuild New Orleans?



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    A lot, both directly and indirectly. Since the days after Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans in 2005, the Saints have been recognized as a potential force to power the city’s restoration, and they’ve made good on that potential. Right after the hurricane the team and its administrations established the New Orleans Saints Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, which raised over $1 million to provide emergency aid to the storm’s survivors. On a more long-term basis, executives from the Saints have been active with city and local governments in Louisiana to help rebuild the Superdome and revitalize the neighborhood surrounding it. One can argue that the Saints’ greatest accomplishment, however, has been psychological. The team’s amazing 2010 Superbowl win–New Orleans’s first ever–was a sports miracle on par with the 1969 Mets and brought pride, joy and self-respect to the city’s residents and people all over the country. The sheer number of stories in the press connecting the fates of the Saints on the football field to the larger backdrop of the city’s recovery attests to the fact that this identification is very strong in the public consciousness, and the Saints’ victories will likely be credited as an important factor in re-establishing one of the oldest and most unique communities on the North American continent after it was very nearly wiped off the map.

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