What products have changed their label or packaging to help them seem more green, without any real changes being made to the product? Have their sales increased?



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    This practice is widely known as “greenwashing”. Some 98% of green products on the market today are not actually eco-friendly. Specific brand names and companies who have greenwashed include Kraft, Tyson, McDonald’s, Comcast, Wal-Mart, Unilever, Chevron, Nestle and Canon. Sales on these products tend to increase when they first are marketed, but then as the greenwashing is revealed, sales drop off, but then level off. That is, the product will still sell.

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    The Poland Spring water company made a change a few years back to their bottles.  They started using less plastic in their bottles, which was supposed to cut down on the overall environmental footprint.  Although their packaging changed, the product stayed the same, since there aren’t many changes that can be made to fresh spring water.  Since the product stayed the same, the public continued to buy the water in bulk packaging and keeping the company in business.

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