What oceans have the biggest waves?



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    The biggest waves are known to break in Hawaii. It is the most isolated island in the world, so there are giant swells that form in the Pacific during storms. They then hit the shallow coral reefs of the island and break into the biggest waves. Other places are starting to be known to have waves that a pretty close in size as well, Mavricks in California (also the Pacific), Teahupo in Tahiti, and some breaks off the coast of France are all gaining respect as big waves. 

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    The largest waves are found in the Pacific Ocean.  Most are formed by storms in the Roaring Forties in the Southern Arctic.  The Pacific has the largest waves due to its size and currents and temperature exposure, which allows the winds generated by the storms to blow over a large distance at a constant rate, often creating 40′ open ocean swells at regular periods.  The largest rideable waves on earth break on the Cortez Bank, an undersea island off the west coast of the united states.  

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