What have been your experiences with adopting a rehab animal?



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    Do you mean wildlife rehab, or animal shelters that rehabilitate dogs and cats with loving families?  In wildlife rehab, you don’t “adopt” an animal; you have to be very careful not to bond with them so that they’ll understand they’re wild animals, not  people, when they’re released. (Plus, it’s illegal to keep a wild animal without a permit.) However, when  I was working at the Bird Center, a very friendly baby bluejay, #72, took a liking to me: 

     The staff and I tried to make sure the animals didn’t bond with us too much. But we all were there because we loved animals, and blue jays are VERY intelligent. #72 could probably tell I was a blue jay lover. I had to be very careful not to spend TOO much time with him so that he didn’t think I was his mother!

    He grew up very healthy and was eventually released. Here he is a little bit older.


    As for pet animals, I adopted my cat, Enrique, from an animal shelter in Michigan.  Couldn’t be happier with him! There’s absolutely no reason to go for store-bought pets over shelter ones.  

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