What have been some benefits of the Hayes Valley Farm in San Francisco?



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    One of the benefits of the Hayes Valley Farm is its roll in the community. The farm is run by members of the community and acts as a place to learn and meet people for other members of the community. The farm runs activities like classes, workshops and, free yoga, as well as other events, like their recent picnic for the fourth of July. There are activities for people of any age, with classes for adults and summer camps for children. The farm offers so many more events – it looks like there is always something to do!

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    The Hayes Valley Farm operates as under urban farming principles, which allows people to see how a city area can indeed grow its own food. The permaculture design explores ways to build community, replenish the natural landscape, and maximize local resources. It also offers several volunteer days throughout the week. The education and farming model are two examples of the benefits of a place like this.

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