What has triggered the pollution problem in Hong Kong?



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    An aging population and a decreased birth rate has become a rising concern for Hong Kong. The root cause of the decrease in birth rate in Hong Kong is attributed to the rise in urban lifestyle which demands longer working hours and thus, less time for family. In Hong Kong, it is not uncommon to work over 50 hours a week. In addition, the rising cost of living makes it less desirable to want to have children for couples in Hong Kong.

    Furthermore, there is a widening age gap between the young and old in Hong Kong and studies show that unless something is done, each working person will have to support 3 non-working persons in the near future. The cause of Hong Kong’s rapid rise in the aging population is attributed to longer lifespans due to improvements in science and medicine.




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    The air pollution in Hong Kong has definately become worse over the years. From 2005 to 2011 the air pollution has become ten times worse!  The worsening of Hong Kong’s air pollution is mainly due to vehicle emissions and industrial pollution from nearby Pearl River Delta. Environmentalists have been trying to introduce new air quality objectives, however, they have not been acted upon as of yet.

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