What has Obama done for the environment?



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    In his first 100 days as president, Obama started a large number of initiatives designed to help the enviroment:

    • He created a “Green Dream Team” to set environmental regulations
    • Set tougher auto-emissions standards in California and several other states
    • Increased fuel economy standards
    • Allocated $62.2 billion of the stimulus plan to environment spending
    • Proposed an emissions cap-and-trade program
    • Implemented the Clean Air Act
    • Cut funding for Yucca Mountain waste disposal

    Among many other things

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    In addition to the initiatives listed by nxmassa88, Obama has made several steps towards helping the environment during his presidency thus far. He has proposed development for projects who focus on renewable energy, using natural elements like wind and waves to produce electricity. He has also opened communicate with the UN and foreign nations about protecting the Antarctic and addressing climate change, which had been closed off by previous presidents. This allows the US to contribute in discussion and action to lower green house emissions and slow down the rate of global warming. 

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