What has Obama done to encourage green living?



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    In March 2009, the Obamas broke ground for an organic White House vegetable garden that helps to feed the First Family daily, according to the article below. In October 2009, the President signed an executive order setting concrete numeric goals for government agencies to reduce emissions and waste, and he’s taken measures within the White House such as reusing Christmas ornaments from previous administrations and replacing old lights with more efficient ones.

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    He has instituted two programs, Cash for Clunkers, and Cash for Caulkers. The first encouraged people to turn in their old, gas guzzling cars for newer, more efficient vehicles. The second gave people tax rebates for upgrading and retrofitting their homes in order to use heat more effectively and save energy.

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    Obama has increased the amount of subsidies going to green technology. For instance tesla and fisk both received about a half a billion dollars in tax credits/subsidies to help spur the electric car industry. Additionally obama new healthcare plan has a lot of preventative measures which is better for the environmen usually.

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