What has Obama and his team done to help with global warming?



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    Although critics claim that President Obama has done little to help with environmental issues such as global warming, he has indeed been taking a stance on the issue. For instance, in the beginning of his presidency, Obama directed the Environmental Protection Agency to review a California application to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. He has also asked the Department of Transportation to implement fuel efficiency standards that were created during Bush’s administration but which were not implemented until Obama came into office. In addition, President Obama pushed for the passage of the $825 billion economic stimulus package which included money for investments in renewable energy, conservation, and a better electric grid. Obama has also implemented the Recovery Act which set new and improved fuel economy and gas emission standards for cars and trucks. The implementation of the Recovery Act has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 960 metric tons. 

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    I agree with, “mire2187” in that Obama has made many steps in the right direction towards protecting the environment.  Unfortunately, he has not formed a clear environmental stance that matches the constituency that voted him into office.  The Keystone pipeline fiasco is a great example of this.  He finally appeared to bow under the pressure of 350.org and prevent the pipeline from going forward.  However, he has clearly just delayed the pipeline to, “ensure that peoples health are protected”.  He has made it very clear that he is in support of the pipeline once these needs are met.  He also makes no mention of how the pipeline will effect climate change.  It is clear that his intention is to simply delay the pipeline in order to quite environmentalists that would otherwise provide bad press during his re-election campaign.

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