What has made candles as popular as they are right now?



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    I think the fact that they have a warm glow as well that they’re often scented has contributed to their popularity. 

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    Candles aren’t just popular now, they’re one of the most common utility devices in history. Candles are helpful as emergency light, romantic light, mood lighting for ghost stories, scents, and other reasons, like religion. They’re simple to make, cheap to buy, and many of us grow up around them, which makes them subconsciously comfortable, all of which could explain their popularity.

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    Candles were a very essential source of light before electricity. They were important to most people’s store of supplies – just think of how aggravating it would be to have no visibility at all after nightfall! Of course, they are also used in the religious services of various faiths, often to honor the dead, honor one’s ancestors, or honor the gods. In the 18th century, candle-making as a stylish artform really took off with the creation of candle-molding machines to make the paraffin wax into cool shapes.

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