What has led to our biodiversity problems with our crops?



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    The focus in industrial agribusiness is on high yield and high resistance. This has led to intensive selective breeding and nowadays to genetic engineering as well. This focus has led to monopolization by the few crop strains known to be the most efficient, to the exclusion of others. This was even exported to other countries in the guise of “development,” especial during the period of the so called “Green Revolution.” The problem of course is that we never know ehat challenges, i.e. pests, diseases, climatic changes, we may have to deal with in the future which may not have been taken into account in the breeding of these varieties.

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    The concentration of agricultural production and the factors of production (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.) in relatively few hands has led to an industrial style of agriculture that favors mono-cropping and the loss of biodiversity.

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