What has the Greenland Ice told us about global warming?



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    The tipping point of the Greenland ice sheet (the point at which it completely melts) will tell us a lot about how our Earth has cooled. It is estimated that an average global temperature rise of 6 degrees Celsius to push the ice sheet into irreversible melting. Therefore, it is a good indicator of the effect of global warming and the threat of sea level rise.

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    The giant Greenland ice sheet may be more resistant to temperature rise than experts realised. The finding gives hope that the worst impacts of global warming, such as the devastating floods, could yet be avoided.

    Jonathan Bamber, an ice sheet expert at the University of Bristol states that previous studies have misjudged the so-called Greenland tipping point, at which the ice sheet is certain to melt completely. (such catastrophic melting would produce enough water to raise world sea levels by more than 6m)

    A new study found that the threshold is about double what was previously published, and that it would take an average global temperature rise of 6C to push Greenland into irreversible melting.

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