What has green engineering done to help the environment?



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    It has cut down on the release of harmful greenhouse gases into the environment. CFC’s have been outlawed (in most nations—they are still available on the black market and used in remote places) and this has halted the devastation to the ozone layer. The regulation that all cars must have a catalytic converter (which helps lock up the pollution in car exhaust instead of it being released into the environment) is an example of green engineering that occurred more than 30 years ago. As we continue into this 21st century, the benefits will be numerous and wonderful as we move away from fossil fuels and begin to rely more on alternative energy. Water will be cleaner, air fresher, and the climate more stable—if green engineering practices continue to expand at an exponential rate—the only hope is that we can catch up to the ever inflating CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere. With science, and people’s hearts in the right place (trying to help other people by coming up with solutions to the ecological and environmental problems we all face in this modern day in age), there is no telling how much we can improve and maybe finally set things right: So this thing we call human life can be sustainable, balanced, and peaceful for ages and ages to come. Indeed, scientists, engineers, and informed activists might just be those men and women—Sent with Divine Guidance from Above—we all need to save the world.

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