What has Facebook’s response been to the criticism by Greenpeace?



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    The two links below show full text of separate responses by Facebook representatives. The first is more thorough and can be found in the comments section (it’s the really long one). To sum up Facebook’s response to Greenpeace articulating that they should not be building a coal-powered facility, they have said that Facebook needs to source electricity like everyone else. Their new building will bee LEED gold standard certified, using innovative energy reduction technology, and that are going through Pacificorp, who uses yes, coal power, but also 42% renewable energy. By choosing Oregon, whose energy goals are high (25% renewable energy by 2025) and whose climate is mild, energy use will be minimize their need for energy in the first place. Greenpeace responded (here) in turn by saying that Facebook does have the power to work toward leadership in the renewable energy sector and has the influence to change where and how energy is attained. They give the example of Portugal going from 15 to 45% renewable energy sources in 5 years and ask Facebook to work with GreenPeace to achieve goals appropriate to the size of their high energy requiring facilities.

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    Facebook has asserted that although their data center will be powered by coal, Oregon in general has a clean energy plan, and a goal to have 25% of energy produced statewide to be from renewable sources by 2025. Facebook claims this as a primary reason for setting up shop in Oregon.

    Also to halve their carbon footprint, the data center will use Oregon’s hot, dry climate to their advantage and use evaporative cooling rather than overhead fans.

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