What has Donald Trump done for the environment?



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    Donald Trump wants to create the world’s finest golf course on an unspoiled stretch of northern Scotland. The US billionaire was giving evidence at the opening day of a public inquiry into his plan to develop a site that includes sand dunes that are home to a rich variety of wildlife.

    He is proposing to construct two golf courses, one of which be on the Foveran Links, a stretch of sand dunes which is home to a variety of wildlife including skylarks, kittiwakes, badgers and otters.

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    Certain Trump entrepreneurial ventures have served to raise awareness of environmental issues and their personal impact. Plans for some of Trump’s projects are projected to include the destruction of more than 5,000 trees, the blasting of rock formations, and the use of heavy doses of assorted pesticides. Check out these two sites for a glimpse at some examples:




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