what has caused the leopard to become endangered



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    Human’s disruption of their natural environment and hunting have ultimately led to the vulnerability of the species. Farmers considered leopards dangerous predators of cattle, so farmers shot and hunted leopards to protect their herds. Clearing land for the use of raising cattle also destroyed the leopard’s habitat, forcing the species to migrate elsewhere. Due to leopards’ striking fur, they were also poached. 

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    The Amur Leopard is endangered to an alarming extent, with less than 50 individuals remaining the wild. As jet stated, virtually every reason linking to their status is due to human activity. This ranges from habitat degradation, forest fires, unsustainable logging industries, and, of course, poaching for profit. Additionally, Amur Leopards primarily hunt deer, and deer populations have also declined in recent decades. A convergence of these forces has threatened this species of leopard, and a 2007 report states that only 25 to 34 remain; even less than the aforementioned estimate of 50.

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