What has Bill Gates done for the environment?



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    It’s controversial. Despite its nominal commitment to sustainable development in impoverished countries, the Gates Foundation has no program to help prevent global warming. The closest Gates has come to pointing out an environmental aspect of his philanthropic work is in his 2009 Annual Letter to the Gates Foundation: “It is interesting how often the impact of climate change is illustrated by talking about the problems the polar bears will face rather than the much greater number of poor people who will die unless significant investments are made to help them.”

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    Even though it is the wealthiest organization in the world, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation does not have a program that works to prevent global warming. The Gates instead focus on U.S. education, childhood deaths, malaria, polio, AIDS, and agriculture in poor countries. In 2006, Bill Gates said in response to global warming and the foundation, “I’m already reading some books on energy and the environment, but I will read a lot more two years from now and think whether there’s something the foundation should do in those areas. The angle I’ll have when I’ll look at most things is, What about the 4 billion poorest people? What about energy and environmental issues for them?”

    Unfortunately, Bill Gates has shown to be more interested in a project that increases global warming. In 2008, Gates and Warren Buffett visited Canada to investigate the tar sands for “investment” purposes. He says that he hopes that public awareness regarding global warming will lead to political action that will help poor people who will suffer due to climate change, but he has not done anything to help develop clean energy technologies, such as solar energy.

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